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Michelle Kwan Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Michelle Kwan Fans

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Congrats, Michelle! [12 Sep 2012|06:41pm]

Michelle Kwan Is Engaged

After nine U.S. national figure skating championships, five world championships and two Olympic medals, Michelle Kwan has enough hardware to populate many a trophy case.

On Sept. 3, though, she got the ultimate in bling – a diamond ring.

Kwan, 32, tells PEOPLE that she is engaged to Clay Pell, 30, director for strategic planning on the National Security staff at the White House. The two first met in April 2011.

"It was a simple decision and it made sense, that's what's so exciting to me," Kwan says of the proposal. "We are working together as a team, like in [pair skating]."

Adds Pell: "It was amazing from the very beginning how in sync our way of thinking is, our basic values and our sense of priorities. We just both got each other."

Pell proposed on Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island.

"It was hot and we were going to go into the water to cool ourselves off a little bit," Kwan says. "I wasn't anticipating going swimming. I said, 'I don't feel comfortable because I don't have my bathing suit on.' He's like, 'No, come on in,' so I said, 'Okay.' "

"I was nervous about wanting to do it right, but I wasn't nervous about what the answer would be," Pell explains. "We had been talking for a while about how we would like to have a family and the idea of getting married and what we wanted to do with our lives – and public service. So I think we both knew where we were relationship-wise and where we were going."

Public service runs in both families. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appointed Kwan to serve on the Council to Empower Women and Girls Through Sports in June; she continues to work in the State Department as a U.S. public diplomacy envoy.

Pell, a JAG and Lieutenant in the U.S. Coast Guard, is the grandson of the late Rhode Island Sen. Claiborne Pell, who established Pell Grants for college 40 years ago.

For more on Kwan's engagement and to see the ring, pick up a copy of this week's PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday
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Michelle Kwan (2009 All Stars) Icons [28 Aug 2009|02:53pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

From Yu-Na Kim's show this past month... icons include MK's new programs, "Carmina Burana" and "Winter Song". Also includes practice photos! Enjoy!

-credit michony or littlealbatross.com
-do not alter icons
-do not claim as your own
-comment if taking


( is love alive )

my michelle kwan story [20 Mar 2009|11:04pm]
the other day i was at work and michelle kwan was shopping around
at our store. i turned and there she was on the phone
in my head i was like..holy crap thats michelle kwan! so
i smiled at her and asked her if she needed any help and
she polietly declined and gave me a smile

that was pretty interesting

just thought id share
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14 Kwan Icons! [19 Mar 2009|12:08am]

-credit michony_art or littlealbatross.com
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simply the bestCollapse )
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Wallpaper [25 Aug 2007|11:49am]

I finnally got my psp 11 and I made my first wallpaper. It is of michelle kwan and I hope you like it!

It's right here you can find it:

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my montage [08 Jul 2007|02:32pm]

hey all! `=D if you're a member of the MKF forum, this is the montage i made for taytay's project that was sent to michelle. `=D thought i'd share it here, anyways. enjoy and leave comments! `=D

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Latest MK Pictures [22 Apr 2007|05:10am]

Pictures of Michelle attending the after party for The White House Correspondents' Association Dinner on April 21:


Also, I just realized I never posted about seeing Michelle at ESPN the Weekend last month here! If you haven't seen, here are my pics/report/video of Michelle from March 3:
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Michelle Kwan icons [09 Apr 2007|12:15am]

001 - 005 | The Philadelphia Story (1940)
006 - 010 | Michelle Kwan
011 - 015 | Sense & Sensibility (1993)--icons only
016 - 048 | Sense & Sensibility (1993)--icons and/or bases


the rest at my livejournal
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Michelle is back on the ice (and JUMPING)! [03 Jan 2007|07:40am]

Janet Swan Hill (a skater, judge, and very respectable and reliable source) saw Michelle skating and posted to the Skatefans list about it.

She was mainly doing stroking and some spins, but she had done a few single axels and a 2T by the time I left She explained to a pro at the boards that she hasn't jumped since the Olympics and it feels weird, and that her full course load has interfered with going all out on rehab, but that skating feels a lot better than walking at this point. These things were hard to miss: deep deep pure edges; full control of the core, even when seemingly relaxed; strong shoulders; silent pure FO edge on the axel takeoff; enormous stability/sureness (no balance checks); gorgeous muscular legs; speed and power without any visible effort; ease with those people who engaged her in conversation.
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm thrilled to hear about it. After Rafael's interview and the reports about how bad off she was on COI this past summer, I was wondering if she would ever skate again.
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Icons [11 Dec 2006|06:55pm]

Thirty figure skating icons:

-3 Fumie Suguri
-4 Shizuka Arakawa
-9 Michelle Kwan
-14 Evan Lysacek


The rest are here.
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Icons [23 Nov 2006|12:48am]

-20 Michelle Kwan icons


The rest are here.
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Another Michelle Kwan montage [02 Oct 2006|02:33pm]

i actually did this over the summer, but i didn't like it the first time around. so, i redid it. just thought i'd share it with everyone. enjoy! `=D

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8QlBZX-Q4o
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My Michelle Kwan Montage [16 Sep 2006|01:51am]

hey guys! just thought i'd share my MK montage, from a few months ago. if you're on MKF, then you've probably seen it already. but either way, enjoy! `=D


comments are always welcome. `=D

mood: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting nostalgic
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Michelle's future plans [07 Sep 2006|03:45am]

Michelle Kwan To Skip 2006-07 Competitive Season

Main part of the article:

Five-time World and nine-time U.S. champion Michelle Kwan will take a year off from figure skating and will not compete during the 2006-2007 season. Instead, beginning this fall, Kwan will attend the University of Denver (DU) in Denver, Colo., as a full-time student. Kwan will continue to perform in skating exhibitions, work on special projects and serve as a corporate spokesperson.

“Each year, since 2002, I have taken a one-year-at-a-time approach to my figure skating plans,” Kwan said. “Education is very important to me and this year I have decided to put college first. Next year at this time I will again evaluate all my options including returning to competitive skating.”

Kwan, 26, previously attended UCLA, earning one year's worth of credits which have been transferred to DU. Kwan plans to major in political science with a minor in international studies.

In August, following the Champions on Ice tour, Kwan underwent elective arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn labrum in her right hip, an old injury which she sustained during the 2004-2005 season. She will be off the ice for approximately four months for healing and rehabilitation and is expected to make a full recovery.
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coi vegas... [18 Aug 2006|08:13pm]

did anyone see champions on ice @ the orleans in las vegas two nights ago?
my camera died, and i was wondering if anyone had pictures of michelle kwan from that night. they are strictly for my personal scrapbook. please let me know. thanks!
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[12 Aug 2006|01:51am]

Thirty icons:

-1 Fumie Suguri
-4 Shizuka Arakawa
-8 Belbin & Agosto
-8 Michelle Kwan
-9 Evan Lysacek


The rest are here.
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Kwan Icons [25 Jul 2006|04:54pm]

She's so pretty.

1 2 3
4 5

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- credit naganosilver98
- do not hotlink

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Icons: Michelle Kwan [01 Jul 2006|11:39am]
In that creative mood again and since I've been missing skating (haven't been out to the rink since February *bawls* I miss it) and the Kween I thought it was appropriate to icon Michelle. :) Enjoy!

-Credit cleanbree
-Comment if taking
-No altering/hotlinking
-DO NOT claim as your own.


6.0 KwanCollapse )

(x-posted at: kwan_icons, fs_icons)
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8 Michelle Icons [11 Jun 2006|05:08am]

Batch of 24 icons of skaters:

[7] Michelle Kwan
[5] Tanith Belbin & Benjamin Agosto
[4] Johnny Weir
[5] Kimmie Meissner
[3] Fumie Suguri


( All icons found here )

-Please comment and credit snowdrop03 if taking
-No hotlinking
x-posted to kwan_icons, iceicons, and fs_icons
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[09 May 2006|12:19am]

Seventeen Michelle Kwan icons.


The rest are here.
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