Xerox (xerox78) wrote in kwan_fans,

Michelle is back on the ice (and JUMPING)!

Janet Swan Hill (a skater, judge, and very respectable and reliable source) saw Michelle skating and posted to the Skatefans list about it.

She was mainly doing stroking and some spins, but she had done a few single axels and a 2T by the time I left She explained to a pro at the boards that she hasn't jumped since the Olympics and it feels weird, and that her full course load has interfered with going all out on rehab, but that skating feels a lot better than walking at this point. These things were hard to miss: deep deep pure edges; full control of the core, even when seemingly relaxed; strong shoulders; silent pure FO edge on the axel takeoff; enormous stability/sureness (no balance checks); gorgeous muscular legs; speed and power without any visible effort; ease with those people who engaged her in conversation.
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm thrilled to hear about it. After Rafael's interview and the reports about how bad off she was on COI this past summer, I was wondering if she would ever skate again.
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